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1527 Sofia
15, Trakia Str
Phone: +359(2)9633752, 9633756
Founded in 1996, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) is the most extensively represented organization of Bulgarian employers. It is also the most dynamically developing organization of Bulgarian businesses, which is represented at national level. Members of the Association are over 50 holding and investment companies, 80 branch chambers, operating in more than 65 economic activities, 10 000 enterprises that employ 500 000 workers and employees. BICA has a network of regional chambers in 171 municipalities in the country.

1303 Sofia
73, Todor Aleksandrov Blvd, fl. 6, office 5
Phone: +359(2)9634299
Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry / BCWFI / is a voluntary non-profit association whose mission is to protect and represent the interests of its members and the industry. BCWFI is the only official representative of employers in the Furniture, Woodworking, Manufacturing and supply of equipment and materials for the woodworking and furniture sectors.

1000 Sofia
16B, Knyaz Alexander I Str, fl.4, ap.14
Phone: +359(2)9501091
Fax: +359(2)9501092
The Bulgarian Association for People Management is a non-governmental organization established to develop the best professional practices in the field of human capital management and development and thus to raise the added value for organizations and to contribute to the enrichment of people’s potential and professional performance.

1309 Sofia
205, Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd
Phone: +359(2)9203739
Fax: +359(2)9203739
The Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry /BAMI/ is an association with non-economic purposes, whose members are employers - Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and natural persons, operating in the metallurgical industry and collateral production, activities and services. Associated members of the Association are legal entities with non-economic purposes and universities.

1000 Sofia
1, Dyakon Ignatiy Str
Phone: 070011227
Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) is a financial institution 99.9%-owned by the Bulgarian state. It is the successor of Encouragement Bank established in 1999. Its focus is to support small and medium-sized enterprises. BDB is among the top four Bulgarian banks in terms of credit rating, rated BBB- by Fitch Ratings, the global credit rating agency.

1000 Sofia
29, Alabin Str, POB 625
Phone: +359(2)9884044
The Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building is a non-profit association for rendering assistance, encouragement, representation and protection of the interests of its members. The Branch Chamber is a voluntary legal body. It was established in the autumn of 1991. Members of the Chamber are more than 260 companies - basic producers from all sectors of the Machine Building.

1784 Sofia
Tsarigradsko shosse blvd, 7th km, BIC-IZOT, st.284
Phone: +359(2)8740031
Fax: +359(2)8740031
The Bulgarian Branch Association of Electronic Industry and Informatics (BBAEII) is a voluntary non-profit organization of companies dealing with the development, production, distribution and service maintenance of electronic and computing technics and software.

1309 Sofia
205, Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd
Phone: +359(2)9200573
BCCI was founded on July 15, 1994 by 40 Bulgarian chemical companies on a voluntary and professional basis. BCCI represents and protects the economic interests of its members and that of the Bulgarian chemical sector as a whole.

1000 Sofia
16-20, Alabin Str
Phone: +359(2)9320911
Fax: +359(2)9872604
BIA is a nationally recognized organization of employers and participates with its representatives in the operation of all national consultative councils, supervisory and managing bodies of state public institutions. BIA is the only business organization which is a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, a confederate-like European business organization, thus representing the Bulgarian companies and employers’ interests on a European level. Furthermore, it actively participates in the work of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the South East European Employers’ Forum (SEEEF). BIA is also among the founders of the Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Enterprises (UBCCE).

1113 Sofia
25A, Frederik Jolio-Ciuri Str
Phone: +359(2)8163010
AHK Bulgarien verfügt über ein breites Kontaktnetz mit bekannten Unternehmen und prominenten Persönlichkeiten. 500 deutsche, bulgarische und internationale Mitgliedsfirmen bilden die Grundlage für vielseitige Geschäftsbeziehungen.

1404 Sofia
18, Bulgaria blvd
Phone: +359(2)8185959
Fax: +359(2)8185959
MTG is a corporate group consolidating Bulgarian foundries, specialized in production of different type of castings. Each member company has its own specific knowledge and production technology. The group was established in 1997, however, before this time, all of the foundries have had their own separate and independent activities. During the years of privatization of the metallurgical sector in Bulgaria, they were privatized and became part of the holding group.

1784 Sofia
Sofia Tech Park, Incubator, fl. 1
Mobile: +359(889)486052
InnoCenter Bulgaria is an open network of companies, organizations and scientists for the digitization of industrial enterprises in Bulgaria to function successfully in Industry 4.0. We solve specific problems to improve capacity for innovative business and manufacturing processes, products and services. The InnoCenter ranked in an EU program to acquire status of a Digital Innovation Hub by 2020. Key Competencies: Internet of Things (IoT); Machine learning; IT security; Virtual Reality; Blockchain; Innovative methods and technologies in the field of training; General data protection regulation (GDPR (ЕС 2016/679).<br /><br /><br /><br />

110 Moscow
7, 1st Smolenskyi pereulok Str
Phone: +7(495)7976908
Fax: +7(495)7976908
To Interelectro is applied the Convention relating to the legal status, privileges and immunities of interstate economic organizations in specific sectors of cooperation, signed in Budapest on 5th December, 1980. Interelectro, essentially, is an organization, which unites electrical industry of countries and protects their interests.

1504 Sofia
15, Shipka Str
Phone: +359(2)8463280
Fax: +359(2)9440869

1592 Sofia
9, Assen Yordanov Blvd
Phone: +359(2)9738762
Fax: +359(2)9790945
CMA is expected to be a bridge between applied research and industrial applications, combining the advantages of advanced thinking with rational management. The cluster will support the development of high-tech, export-oriented products, technologies and services that have high added value.

4003 Plovdiv
37, Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Blvd
Phone: +359(32)902373
Fax: +359(32)902517
International Fair Plovdiv is the successor of the First Exhibition and its mission, i.e. to contribute to the prosperity of the Bulgarian people by encouraging the development of the national industry.

1030 Brussels
80, Auguste Reyers Blvd
Phone: +32(2)2066883
Orgalime is the European federation representing the interests at the level of the EU institutions of the European mechanical, electrical, electronic and metal articles industries as a whole. Orgalime is the prime voice of the EU engineering industry on selected issues that affect a broad range of our members.

1113 Sofia
31B, Dragan Tsankov bldv, fl.2, office 12
Phone: +359(2)8781587
Fax: +359(2)8781587
PHIN Consulting provide comprehensive support for the development of your business and provide opportunities to benefit from financial assistance under EU programs.

1612 Sofia
1, Savet na Evropa Str, en.A
Phone: +359(2)8527088
Fax: +359(2)8527088
The company’s team has extensive experience in preparing and organizing visits and participation of Bulgarian companies on fairs and exhibitions in Western and Central Europe. This activity we perform in cooperation GTZ (Association for Technical Cooperation, Germany, industry chambers and associations and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME).